Ellis (Senior Stylist)

Ellis is a favourite with Toppers clients and almost always has a waiting list.  Her listening skills, clear-thinking and orderly approach to her work gives consistent results and inspires confidence and trust in her clients. Colleagues are inspired by her professionalism, dedication to her work and her diplomacy.

A reliable all-rounder, Ellis has hidden depths to her creativity.  She strongly believes that simple looks often create the most impact and that a precise cut should be the basis of every hairstyle, whether long or short, curly or straight.  Never one to boast, she has an eye for colour that is second to none and a gentle nature that diplomatically steers clients towards the colours and styles that best reflect their individual lifestyle.

“Feeling well-groomed makes a big difference to a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. When my clients tell me that they want to feel feminine and glamourous without looking overdone,  I really enjoy the challenge of creating elegant styles that are easy to care for and look good anywhere.”